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Cakes, Brownies, Blondies, Tray Bakes & Cupcakes


As well as our celebration cakes, we also make and sell normal cakes, cupcakes and brownies to order.

We make the following flavours and are available both as cakes and cupcakes.

We sell cupcakes in multiples of 6 with a minimum order of 12 cupcakes.


We do:

  • vanilla

  • chocolate

  • chocolate orange

  • chocolate fudge cake

  • cookies and cream

  • lemon

  • red velvet

  • white chocolate and raspberry

  • coffee


  • vanilla

  • chocolate

  • orange


Prices from:

Cupcakes @ £1.50 per cupcake (from £18 per dozen)

Brownies and Blondies:

Our brownies, once baked, are approximately 25cm x 20cm and can be cut into a variety of sizes.

We sell:

  • Chocolate brownies

  • Blondies (white chocolate)

  • Chocolate orange brownies

  • Salted caramel brownies (our most popular brownie)

  • Biscoff brownies

  • Rocky Road brownies

  • Mint chocolate brownies

  • Jammie blondies

  • Triple Chocolate brownies

These can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

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